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I won't deny that I am a werewolf.

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Professor R.J. Lupin
10 March
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Remus John Lupin
Marauder, Professor, Friend, Werewolf, Member of the Order of the Pheonix

Patronus: A Unicorn (known only to some, mostly members of the Order)
Wand: 14 inch willow (yes, that willow) with a core of dragon heartstring.


In sixwordstories verse Rumus Lupin is currently placed around 1995, at the beginning to middle of Order of the Pheonix. He is just beginning to explore a relationship with Tonks (auror_aura).

In thedressingroom Remus is with Dora (giftofnymphs) who is pregnant with his child. They're raising a Teddy (ickle_teddy) from another world (or perhaps their own, after they die). Though they're happy and Remus is commited to Dora he's having trouble saying the 'M' word, in part because of a failed relationship with another Dora (ametamorphmagus) who loved him, but not as much as she loves a younger version of himself, who left her for Sirius. As he has less then a year to live in his world he's planning on staying in the Room with his family.

'New Beginnings' AU - canon follows the books almost to the end, with the exception of Remus surviving the final battle. He is now a widower, and has accepted the position of DA teacher, offered by Headmistress McGonagall. Hermione Granger (notjustclever) is also at Hogwarts to finish her last year, and the teacher student relationship they had is turning into a friendship. Remus and Teddy live at Hogwarts, and during the day Teddy is tended to by Madame Pomphrey.

'Godfather' AU - James is not the only Marauder to leave behind a child. Sirius had a daughter, Morgan (azkabans_legacy) and after the girl's mother dies when she is four years old it's Remus who raises her. Current timeline is early PoA.

He is open to playing in other times and with other characters.

Remus is from the Harry Potter novels by JK Rowling. I do not own any rights to him, nor am I making any profit. David Thewlis belongs to his own self.

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